We start by reviewing your current strategy and tactics. We determine what's working and what needs help. We talk to your customers. We'll check out your competitors. We analyze your company until we have a firm idea of how we can improve it.
With all the data we collect, we form a solid strategy. We make sure this strategy aligns with your brand, your business objectives and your core beliefs. All creative work we do will support the strategy and your business goals.
From there, we start concepting—coming up with innovative ideas that convey a specific message. What do we want potential customers to do? How do we want them to feel? We generate ideas that properly position your product or service to potential consumers.
Then we create. Concepts can manifest themselves in so many ways— a website, a mobile app, an ad campaign, signage, collateral, or anything else we can think of. The sky is the limit. This is where we turn the concept into reality.
Rather than give you one solution, we provide options— usually 3 to 5. Some are conservative and "safe". Some are edgy and unexpected. We'll help you make the best choice to achieve your business objective in a way that is memorable and relevant to your consumers.
By sharing our thought process with others, including potential consumers, team members, and leadership, we arrive at a winning idea! Sometimes we make minor revisions. Sometimes we're 100% ready to go.
Once we have an agreed-upon concept, we continue to think of ways to bring the concept alive. A really good idea tends to inspire others and build momentum. These ideas fuel the campaign.
Now we turn the concept into a full marketing campaign. The campaign can take many different forms. Depending on budget, timing, and other limitations, we design a campaign that works on all levels.
Any great campaign needs to be measured and maintained. To achieve true success, we make sure that what we produce really works. We do this by talking to customers through social media, and face-to-face when possible. Then we make changes and revisions where necessary.

Our Process

Mind*Spark Creative is a strategic partner to help grow your business in unexpected ways. Whether you are just starting a business, or need to completely rebrand your business, Mind*Spark Creative is prepared to help in more ways than one. We are designers. We are strategic marketers. But most of all, we are idea people. From brand development and web design, to packaging and collateral systems, Mind*Spark can offer innovative solutions that attract audiences and keep them loyal to your brand. Our work spans a variety of industries in both B2B and B2C markets. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, give us a shout. We’re ready to help.

  1. Input
  2. Strategy
  3. Concept
  4. Creation
  5. Options
  6. Winning Idea
  7. Campaign
  8. Success

Creative Director

Jim is the guy in charge (or at least he thinks he is). He is the creative visionary who leads the company into uncharted territory. Never satisfied with the status quo, Jim is constantly trying to better, not only himself, but also the standard of work that we produce at Mind*Spark. People call him “laid back” and “easy going”—this is true when it comes to his personality, but when managing client relationships and their brands, he is anything but laid back. He is an exceptional designer, strategist, and creative thinker. He has a passion for anything that has history and drama, and is a collector of anything he finds fascinating or unusual. Jim is deeply involved with every client from the initial contact through implementation and ongoing management. So in addition to rocks, stamps, comic books, toys, fossils, and beer memorabilia, he also collects very satisfied and successful clients.

Senior Design Chick

Contrary to her last name, Erin Rude is a caring and polite person. Having grown up on a turkey farm in North Dakota, it’s no surprise that she is hardworking and doesn’t mind getting her hands a little dirty. Erin has worked at numerous agencies around the Twin Cities, and as a Senior Designer, she brings a high level of holistic brand development and management to Mind*Spark. She constantly blows our minds with her clever ideas and well-thought-out design. Erin is our resident master of web design and user experience, but excels at all things design and customer engagement. If you’re ever out at a bar or restaurant and hear a very loud, energetic voice, it’s probably Erin. She claims to have an inner ear problem, but we think it’s just her unbridled enthusiasm. She loves to be with people and tells the funniest stories. However, she hates bugs, cooking and winter—which is why, during the cold months, you can find her bundled up in a Snuggie, gripping a fancy coffee drink.

Creative Dynamo

Jackie is like a very expensive Swiss Army knife—she has the ability to do almost anything. With a degree in Marketing from Saint Louis University, Jackie has become not only a brilliant strategist, but also a very talented graphic designer. Her attention to detail is a vital addition to every project, and she’s always current on the latest design trends. Although she has to put up with Jim’s poor taste in music and his occasional mismatched socks, Jackie finds her role(s) at Mind*Spark fulfilling and meaningful. She takes her job and her responsibilities within the company very seriously, but knows how to have some fun and always keeps us on our toes with her witty remarks. But don’t deliberately scare
her—she’s terrified of ghosts, horror movies and using her desk phone.

Video Dude

It's easier to say what Aaron can't do rather that what he can do. Aaron cannot disarm a bomb...as far as we know. He is the consummate problem solver and will stop at nothing to achieve clients' objectives. Aaron is a producer, director of photography, editor, motion graphics designer and anything else required to make great video or animation. Behind the camera, Aaron will capture the most magical of moments and turn them into an emotional story that conveys a powerful message. He comes to work before everyone else and leaves after everyone has gone home. When he's not making magic, he is a dedicated family man and a curious adventurer. Oh, and he collects vintage robots and old cameras.

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